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Wrap Around Tie

Wrap Around Tie

Silk tie care – How to Do It Right!

Quality silk ties, especially those in Italy or France, can be very expensive. That's why it's important that you know how to take good care of them. After all, I would not be able to use his silk tie only once before you have to pull out. That would almost be like money laundering by the toilet.

Need tips for taking care of their ties? Here are three main basics you should know:

1. Folding

It is important to untie the tie after each use. All right, gentlemen, I know sometimes it's much easier to just tear it from his neck and pull the laundry bin as is, but if you want your links with a duration of years, just follow these simple steps. First, you loosen the tie. Then pull the loop over his head. Once you are in hand, you can completely decouple. Wrap the tie around your hand and keep packages in this way for the rest of the night.

2. Ironing

I have a friend who can not live your life without ironing socks and ties. I've told a hundred times that folds out relations naturally (And you see his socks?), But so far it still refuses to listen. If you're like him and insist on board ties, keep this in mind:

or Never iron directly. Put a clean cotton or linen fabric on the top of the silk tie before applying the iron. Not completely flatten. Neckties are assumed to be tubular.
It would be much better or steamed in place. Leave your tie hanging in the bathroom while taking a hot bath. That must have wrinkles. Or you could opt to spend the iron on the draw, but not touching, to let the steam on.

3. Storage

You can post links in your closet with hangers tie hangers regular or special. You can also choose to keep lying in a drawer (folded in half or wrapped as in number 1). If you're like the friend I mentioned above, you can arrange links by color or pattern. You can even go all out and have separate categories for different tissues. But if you want to keep it simple, the All you really have to do is make sure there is enough space to allow air circulation in your closet.

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