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Womens Shoes Tan
What women think about your man with his shoes?

Hello, I would especially like to hear from women out there, and too small. I have a shoe fetish for all my life. I like to wear uggs as my wife is. She allows me to use anytime. She wears a size 8.5/9.I use as a size 9-10 women's shoes. She also has white reebok classics nike air max 97's that I can fit in comfortably. My favorites are Uggs.It excites me very much when I slip into a pair of tan or black uggs and a couple of his panties.She said he also becomes her that I'm using your stuff.I would like to get thoughts of others and commnets about it. I would love to here the stories and experiences on the other kids wearing any shoes, women's uggs, Nike, and others I'm not gay sneakers.I in any way.Please resond with your thoughts?

Nothing personal, but no one is permitted to carry my shoes. I do not like to hear from anyone standing more repulsive was there. But I hate feet so that's my opinion.

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