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Amazon.com question …?

Okay, so I need new slides Adidas since summer is coming in the next few months, but I am having difficulty understanding what the site is trying to say … Well, I Black / White slides, but when I add to my cart, which says that while at the stop of the page that says "Slide adidas Women adissage" (female), there is an "M" next to all sizes, does this mean that men are measures? Http: / / www.amazon.com/adidas-Womens-Adissage-Slide/dp/B000FF3ZLQ/ref=sr_1_110? ie = UTF8 & s = shoes & qid = 1236307846 & sr = 1-110 Since then only can get a size 6 to match the size of my wife 8 helps ..?:)

For the ladies all sizes are offered in M medium width. The sizes of men are offfered in M and B (for large / wide). Men have wider feet often a variety of normal shoes or shoe would be too narrow for their feet. Women have smaller feet in length and width. Therefore, only the M choice – medium or normal. Often, the shoes are available in different width of NMB or SRW. N – narrow, sometimes S – small, M – Medium or normal, sometimes R – regular or A – media; B – large or wide, sometimes W – width; X – Extra wide, (another indication possible). The indication depends on the manufacturer and the country / market shoes are sold. http://shoes.about.com/od/fitcomfort/a/womens_width.htm http://shoes.about.com/od/fitcomfort/ss/measurefeet_5.htm See Also http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki / Shoe_size – Width and thickness designators

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