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Womens Flip Flop

Womens Flip Flop

What is Flip Flops?

Flip-flops are a very basic type of footwear. They are essentially a thin rubber sole with two simple straps running in a Y side of the foot to the junction between the big toe and next. Some include a strap along the heel back. The popular use of flip-flops as simple beach warm weather or outdoor wear has spread through much of the world, but is more common in the case of Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil and South-East Asia

In most developing countries, rubber flip-flops are the cheapest footwear available, often costing less than normal target = "_top"> 1. Some measures can be used to reduce costs, which make them from recycled tires. Because of its low cost, which is used very often in countries such as typical footwear instead of a fashion statement. Despite their disposable design, street vendors, repair of sandals for a small share

But in many developed countries, flip-flops is usually treated as annual or seasonal shoes, short-lived. Depending on the material composition of the shoe, the last pair flip-flops average for a year or less. The strap between the toes can break easily after moderate use, and although this problem can be solved by replacement strap that is easily "growled" in flip-flops, is more concerned about is the repair of the flip-flops, because they are very cheap and easy to replace.

These disposal practices may constitute an environmental problem because most of the flip-flops are made polyurethane, from crude oil. This material is the number seven resin and can not be recovered usually in small quantities. Due to the increasing environmental problems, some companies have begun selling flip-flops made from recycled inner tubes and tires for cars, as well as cotton and coconut material disappointed sustainable

Flip flops are also popular among those who like to be barefoot, but keep the shoes, because they allow the foot to be out in the open, but still represents a wear shoes in places like restaurants or streets of the city, quickly and easily removable. They are also popular because are easy to carry.

The use of flip-flops has also been strengthened in some sectors of European and American military as sanitary footwear in the shower common, was dressed in flip-flops slows the spread of fungal infections. After this operation, soldiers and other trampers or hikers started to apply the flip-flops, or a pair of flip-flop soles sewn to socks, having a lightweight emergency replacement for damaged boots.

The Indian statement flip-flop, the Chappal has also been known to be used as a weapon, both as a truncheon and a missile, but often it is just a threat. It is not uncommon people whip their Chappal in the heat of an argument to make their aggravation more palpable to the other party. (Touching the shoes or feet of another, in some indigenous cultures, is a sign of respect or submission).

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