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Womens Born Black

Womens Born Black
Do you think people use the past to influence the future for their own benefit?

You have groups like blacks or women, who before 1950 really had little or no rights. What I've been thinking about is this, if a person was born after 1970 then you really do not know or understand what the slavery and the oppression of women in question, and many seem to not care until they are discriminated against. It is my belief that one can not sympathize with one another unless has experienced the same thing they did. For a person born after 1980 who gets emotionally scarred by someone saying something about the slaves, is just a facade. They do not live, they know what happened, but never experienced and never understood what it really was. The same applies to women, many take the women's movement course love to say they are equal or do this and right, but they do not understand what it is. I'm tired of people using the things that never lived or experienced as a levrage demand emotionally scarred.

I fully understand what you are saying and I completely agree, granted we do have to learn from our history, I will not be repeated …. good job, which was well thought out .. about the time I agreed with you on something:)

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