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White Platforms Wedges

White Platforms Wedges
Please help … track shoes … my friend has sunk: |?

I let my friend borrow my brand 4-inch heel wedges to go birthday night with one of her classmates and she gave back to me and COMPLETLEY fronts are destroyed, the cork from the platform at the front is scratched and battered beyond repair and white leather strap is all scratched too. I wouldnt be so annoying but I just got them a week before to lend their them and had used only once and I know you didn't do that to them. Im really really annoying and annoying as I love my shoes … Should I tell her that he has destroyed or not … and if so how My OH says I should get me to buy a new pair that are so bad … is that really fair or not? They cost me £ 75 … Thankyoiu advance xx

Tell you must £ 75, but not much. Dar shoes for her and tell her that if she broke em em bought, but not angry.

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