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White Maryjane Flat

White Maryjane Flat
Pretty skirt, ugly shoes ….?

Ok, I have a really nice skirt. It is a little below the knee, and a dark blue powder. In a light purple color, is a medium sized flower print. For a top, I have a super light pink cami and a cute white sweater and a necklace of pink, silver, purple, and Blue accounts, to keep everything together. My question is other than flip-flops and socks without feet (which look awful on me) what am I supposed to wear this! I had thought Fuggs to carry my tan (fake uggs) but they look stupid. I also have black and blue marijuana floors, flat clogs, which seem to maryjanes half later. If you know what other shoes or shirts to wear with this, please share the information!

I would go for flats

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