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White Leather Sandals

White Leather Sandals
What makes a good team?

Here are some of my pieces of clothing: Pants: Plain gray gray straight leg boot cut dress pants, dark jeans with subtle stripes straight leg, button fly Levi's Distressed, boot cut, low rise short Scottish cotton pants white paper Short Shirts: Any color imaginable T Figure 2 tees same light style v neck sweater banana republic, in the light blue and green crew neck sweater black sweater gray black white horizontal stripe shirt, black brown vertical striped shirt, with details of things gray-green spots, with black vertical striped shirt diesel jackets / coats Sports: black sport coat jacket brown suite, subtle blue striped military jacket tan jacket, dark jeans Shoes: black white leather sandals rebocks Several any another, I will buy the shoes anyway feel free to make any suggestions you want I have to buy some clothes anyway

Scottish Shorts graphic tees black jacket perhaps some pumas or ballet slippers good luck!

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