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My wife may be cheating?

I'm not a jealous person by nature, but I'm very observant of some changes with my wife lately. She has always been to the gym after work … usually twice a week. For the past month has started going 4-5 days a week for longer periods of time. She has also started to dress differently when you go. Tonight, for example, was wearing a sports bra, tight booty shorts, socks white knees. She admits that she talks and hangs out with a few guys there, but that's all it says is. Another thing that made me suspecious … who began arriving home a couple of weeks with their gym sneakers with the laces untied loose to her heels slides of them when she walks. I asked him why, and she just said its easy to walk with them in that way and what you do to relax after she finished training. No sneakers ladies untie after made out of working there, because im thinking shes doesn't have sex and shes upset when the connection made?

Well, Adam, who do not cheat my husband and I do not know what to do … women's trap, but it could be increasingly on your gym routine, more and more proud of her body, and also in the attention it is receiving from guys in the gym. You can not cheat, but she may be thinking of cheating. As for the shoe, maybe he takes off his shoes in the gym and use a soft shoe, like a ballet shoe, and shoes are a pain in the socket. Unless your children were small I had to stay home with (And I'd find a babysitter if I did) would join the gym and working out when he did, if I were you. Not only will you be doing a healthy activity together, she certainly could not be connecting with someone who might want to fool with it while you're there!

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