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Wedge Heel Shoe

Wedge Heel Shoe
Can anyone help me with my dilemma shoe heel height?

I just bought my prom shoes – are superb. Http: / / www.faith.co.uk/productdetails.aspx?pid=254100&language=en-GB&cid=platform_wedges_court_shoes However, after days of carrying around the house, I found to get looser. My heels slip from our back when i walk taking into account your height, I actually do not need other distractions! I'm a little concerned that grips the heel stick will not be enough – does anyone have any idea so I could get my feet to stay in place? I reallly need your help! Thanks:)

I have these! And blue! He grasps the heel, the templates and feet of the party in mine. Not comfiest shoes I have to admit! Best idea is to try them all and see what is comfortable for you, you do not want it on the last moment and then even though they annoy you. Enjoy your prom!

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