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Wedge Flip Flops

Wedge Flip Flops
I am looking for white wedge flip flops ….?

http://www.shoebuy.com/nomad-bomba/190145/424201 well, but blank, if possible, and cheaper! i want for my wedding reception, box kill me and my heels have been enough to keep my dress on earth. They must be at least two 3/4inches for healing. Thanks!

PRODUCTS Cali – white – women and can be found in Myshoestore.com. Http: / / www.myshoestore.com/shoes/pc/advSearch_h_fullText.asp?resultCnt=20&keyword=cali & They are a little more than $ 10, but they were comfortable and if you look for the coupon over the Internet you can get 20% off and shipping free. I needed white sandals for a wedding that will be in (50a renew wedding vows and children are great the wedding party) and just got his jeweled up:) (if indeed I wanted to do the wedding style.)

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