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Walking Shoes Flats

Walking Shoes Flats
I have horrible pain in the calf when I walk in flat shoes, but no pain when I wear heels.?

I try to use flat shoes, but it is so painful in the calves that I have to go back to your heels. I try to stretch their legs and eat bananas and drink water, but it still hurts! I've been dealing with this problem for some time, but now it seems worse because I have to walk farther to get to work … and I'm stuck on the heels every day because I can not stand the pain. Does anyone else have this problem??

Sounds like the Achilles tendon is acting up. You need to see an orthopedist and check it out. Heels are the worst to wear as your legs and feet ruin putting them out of alignment and the creation of the tendons that have reduced fixed surgery.

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