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Velvet Heart Cut

Velvet Heart Cut
A poem by mass transit. Written on the bus, what you think.?

"She sits on his throne heaven pain velvet, with blood the rules, the hum of evil. No I do not see the darkness my dear? Damn night full of fear. revenge for all the lives he took, My agony is all I seem to feel. Pain is a fact of life, A life that now is struggling with the conflict. Cut your nose to spite your face, sorry now it is for the weak. Before the kingdom of heaven pain, I dare you know, just do not complain. You have my heart torn apart, how many times must this be done? I love you now this once and for all, how many Sometimes I can start again. Give your dark desires, old cuts, to be admired. On your knees and beg, it seems so funny, nobody gets out alive.

think this poem was written in a mood of anger, pain and despair

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