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Urban Patent Cut

Urban Patent Cut

The story of Astro Turf

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These days, it seems that artificial grass can be found almost everywhere. There are many companies Brisbane artificial turf, for example, and the material is used in many different applications. Whenever you see Brisbane astro turf is used, However, did you ever wonder how it came about in the first place? If so, you will be happy to know that there is a fascinating history associated with this material useful, read on to learn more about it.

AstroTurf: The Beginning;

In the decade of the sixties, a business called Chemstrand were searching for new types of artificial playing surfaces for sporting activities. During the During the process of research and development, the company tried to create a "rug-resistant." As they looked into this possibility, they were approached by the Ford Foundation, who were anxious to find a solution for urban sports surfaces. Between 1962 and 1966, he worked feverishly Chemstrand on this request.

A solution for the Urban Sports players;

Of life in the city has many great benefits, but a disadvantage is that there are very few – if some areas – cover of grass on which people can play and enjoy sports. This is especially worrying for conscientious parents who want their children run, play and get adequate amounts of exercise. Driven by this need, the Foundation Ford calls Chemstrand to start your research on the creation of an urban sport hard surface. A multitude of different types of surfaces were created during the 5 years Chemstrand rather than set to work on the idea, and was one of the varieties that became the artificial turf that I know today.

Artificial Turf off –

In 1964, the first large-scale installation of synthetic turf will be held at Moses Brown School in Rhode Island in the United States. As expected, moved due to the lack of urban green spaces in this region and was used to help school-age children have the space to run, as necessary. In addition, artificial turf was used by the fact that supplied an area of material that was safer, reduce rates slip and was much less risky than alternative products such as concrete. Soon, the popularity of synthetic turf off.

AstroTurf Is Born –

The most important event in the history of synthetic turf produced in 1966. That's when the Houston Astrodome – home of the Houston Astros baseball Oilers and football in Houston – an area Chemgrass installed first. After this event followed a number of other application areas, the installation of turf which was patented artificial "Astro Turf" in the U.S. in 1967. In subsequent years, this remarkable material has been used by a number of sports facilities schools and other locations to help provide a safe surface, even playing for adults and children alike. There is no doubt that the synthetic turf is here to stay.

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Lush Turf Solutions (http://www.lushturfsolutions.com.au/) know that
Astro Turf Brisbane
is used at locations throughout the city to help provide a safe, even playing surface for a wide variety of sports and other activities. Surprisingly enough, there is actually a rather intriguing story to tell about the history of Astro Turf and
Artificial Grass
; you can learn more about it below. Lush Turf Solutions (http://www.lushturfsolutions.com.au/)

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