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Upper Ankle Double

Upper Ankle Double
Tattoos / piercings? (Boys only please serious advice.)?

I have double piercings in my ears right now, and I plan to get a total of six on each side. And I'm thinking about a nose piercing, but solid, not yet. As for tattoos, I want some … I think. Here are all places that make me Tattoos: ankle lower back of my back right upper thigh (near the panty line interior) a small shoulder behind my ear. Now my question is, boys, do you think that a nose piercing on a girl is sexy or not, or not really matter, and out of the list of tattoo placement, which are you better? (I think get more than one so please try to select multiple locations) Thanks.

I like nose piercings actually but u should not get a piercing because "the kids might like that" things like turn off if I personally have found it. As for tattoos, the same, get it where you think you will like more, personally I hate tattoos on the back bottom center of girls, there is more to do. and behind ear, I really like, but I would advise against it until you know for sure what you want and are willing to live with it for the rest of his life in view viable.

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