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Unlisted Kenneth Cole

Unlisted Kenneth Cole
My pumps are most comfortable?

I recently received two pairs of adorable 4 "heels.'re Off the list by Kenneth Cole" They have a bow on the peep toe and are made of canvas like material. I wear them for 15 minutes and I get blisters on the little fingers. I kill you! I never wear heels because I am 5'10 "and the conscious self. I want to know. But it hurt so bad!" I can get that extended? Or extend to the final 't know what to do.

Over time they will receive less painful to wear and they will stop giving you blisters because the fabric conforms to your foot. The heel, of course, will still foot pain, but that comes with any pair of heels. There are devices you can buy to stretch their shoes, but that could mess up and make it difficult to carry. Would best to wear around the house for 15 minutes, or until you can before it starts to hurt. You will gradually while avoiding break the blisters.

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