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Underground Shoes Wood

Underground Shoes Wood
Has anyone heard of this new retail GPS "game" is pulling new customers into the stores?

A very strong footwear company in Lynchburg, Virginia has developed a brilliant new way to get people into stores to buy their shoes. Consolidated Shoe search has created a game treasure for Palladium shoe brand based travel underground hot sport geocaching (one of the fastest growing activities on the planet). In version worldwide assets 250 000 caches – containing anything from poetry to cash – hidden in remote locations in over 220 countries. Geocachers use computers and GPS (Global Position System) units to locate these caches, as they walk through the forest or climb mountains. Palcaching, a proprietary version urban geocaching, took to the streets of the city in late April and is now going strong in New York, Atlanta, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle. The tracks for free shoes, cash and other awards can be seen on the streets or in parks or found online. I have to believe this type of interactive marketing is the way forward. What do you think you?

First, I think it should work for footwear Consolidated o) I know some people who do geocaching, but I do not think it large enough to focus an entire advertising campaign. Interactive marketing and may be the future, but I do not think it's the present.

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