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Trend Cross Upper

Trend Cross Upper
gold ahead scenario ……………………………………… ?

sir plz guide me in this golden rsi …. has reached its highest level after 2006. commodity chain index reached its highest level in January 2009 and since then the gold and went through all higher levels. channel commodity index high after reaching the same again is showing a difference … when an indicator is very overbaught which means that the upward trend intact.should we will remain the same strategy here as well … also what we do when all indicators are in favor of the current trend, but one of them is against the indicator trend.that only be ignored or that is all you need to follow … plz guide. Sagar

The price of gold (and a Lott of other commodities) and the dollar are inversely correlated. The dollar is driven by the huge U.S. deficit and the fact that rates Short-term interest are so low. While the recession has not ended, this is not real change. And yet … the dollar has gone South for the past ten years or so. All of this is good for gold. Add to this the traditional people buy gold as a hedge against inflation. That inflation is likely to up on us, when the economy takes off again. That said, the gold market is extremely small. Where the change is coming down, will be as violent as the trend upward we see now.

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