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Tory Burch Shoes

Tory Burch Shoes
Rate my style (= (Curious)?

so my parents might think I'm exaggerating my age itt [[im 14]] nd my mom thinks my style is a lil overboard when it comes to prices. So I want to know what you thinkk .. (= My closet is full of things such as shirts, Guess, A & F, Hollister, Ed Hadry, Juicy, A / X. Tory Burch shoes, Ugg, Converse, Chanel, Coach, Puma, Jeans, guess.a / x.Marc By Marc Jacobs handbags, Chanel, LV, Gucci, guess, coach, juicy, Marc by Marc Burch jacobs.Tory, Prada, D & G Coats, North Face.spyder Jewelry; is; Tiffany Dior, Chanel, I guess, gucci, im [[Doing this for fun, because I have boreddd !!!!]]]] To be irreplaceable, one must be different-coco chanel <3 .. I rate please * thanxxxxxx ยบ 1-10 (= my LIFFE isn't all about fashion fashion fashion! But if I get something not worth getting something gettting <3

Definitely 10. You must be eh haha fashion. Good for you.

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