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Toe Slingback Studded

Toe Slingback Studded
What I think Dyou be used?

I am a girl of fourteen years old and I am going to meet some friends from primary school in a few weeks. I was a kind of nerdy and strange in primary school, so I wanted to look really good for this kind of show that I've changed? There will be boys there too, and my best friend who went to my primary, and now goes to my school is really nice, and better with guys than me, so I wanted to be the prettiest, for once? I am a size 8, 32C, and I have pale skin, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I was thinking, – White Vest – Blue / White stripe skirt – Sandals Gold (the following: = http://www.asos.com/Asos/Asos-Fabulous-Leather-Plaited-Slingback-Toe-Thong/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=887562&SearchQuery fabulous and Rf-700 = 1000 & Sh = 0 & pgesize PGE = 0 & type = 20 & clr = =- 1 & Gold) – Lizards support (for a little less dolly) – Gold Sparrow Earrings – Gold necklace What more people to add, and what the makeup? THANKS:) x The skirt is a little stick-Oury built a mini skirt, and is like, mid-thigh:)

I do not know but it seems a bit what you are thinking about the wear is too childish * * Why am I not try this basic configuration – Plains fitted shirt – Black skinny jeans – the sandals with heels * not be so loud * – The push up bra – Bracelets Make your hair wavy:) I think this look, it looks sexy and mature.

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