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Toe Shoes Size

Toe Shoes Size
Where to find shoes, tip toe?

KITTEN heel shoes I tip toe. I wear size 10-11 (11 probably) according to the manufacturer. Ive tried ebay, nothing. Payless Ive tried and had to some, but the heel is the way that the greater! ***** I pointed out that the long finger's reallly not short pointed .****** THIS AS: http://i24.ebayimg. Thus com/07/i/000/9b/99/fa71_1.JPG NO: Not that http://www.ssb7.net/users/97439/pa053015r.jpg color, Id prefer black but I think they just want the shoes of any color should do. I have a foot wide, so I do not like narrow heel shoes must be low. Any ideas? Rstylist26 – I didn't ask your opinion about whether they were fashionable or not. So f ** k off. :] You obviously have no idea what is in style these shoes are everywhere! Have you looked at the new line of shoes by Manolo? Almost all of them point to the foot …. Thanks for all those who helped me!

Here you http://www.onlineclothing-stores.com/shop.php?k=pointed+toe+shoes&c=1 Good luck.

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