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Toe Ring Thong

Toe Ring Thong
Use to get my belly pierced / ft torture?

I lost a bet with my girlfriend and now I have to wear a suit down to my navel and my Pierced as well as I have to wear shoes without socks and put your feet tortured for having beaten one. 2 black mesh shorts. Red tank top 3. Woody Hat 4. Nike Shoes Dart 5. black / gray collar 6. Ring Finger 1. Cargo Shorts 2. A navy blue shirt with 3 Sleevless. Boat shoes 4. Create Shield Hat 5. puka shell necklace 6. Cowrie Ankle Shell 7. Or a ring finger. Swimsuit 2. Garnet Sleevless shirt 3. Nike Shox 4. Jsu Hat 5. herringbone chain 6. Anklet or 1. Grey TANK TOP 2. Marina Blue 3 short mesh. Nike Darts 4. concrete shield hat 5. Puka Shell Necklace 6. Toe ring as part of this i bet yall lose to choose what i wear under my shorts also 1. Nothing in my shorts in February. 3 strap. What kind of panties ladies bar or ring should also get

funny girlfriend …. I would put a suit number and a belt because that'll teach you not to bet with your girlfriend! lol

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