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Toe Platform Heel

Toe Platform Heel
Can you help me find these Steve Madden boots?

I used to have a pair of platform boots from Steve Madden. The heel and the plant were all one piece. In other words there was no separate heel, it was only as a wedge. I can not find the name of them and want to look at Ebay to see if I can buy my size! They had a round toe, and were a bit like 'monster' boots. If you can find the name of these boots or if you think you have some like, my email a photo or post it on your answer or just tell me the name of the boots! Thanks! Http: / / cgi.ebay.com / STEVE MADDEN – BLACK-skin-half the calf-PLATFORM-BOOTS-9_W0QQitemZ140138263025QQihZ004QQcategoryZ63889QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem here the link to some on ebay, I would like to find in brown! So if you know the name of these boots hit me up!

I'm not sure whether or not you have the boots you want, but you may want to check anyway@gothamcityonline.com view usually carry a good selection of Steve Madden shoes and boots. Even if you do not find Probally couple looking to find something you like. Good luck!

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