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Toe High Heel

Toe High Heel

High Heels – Sexy, stylish and 2007

High heels have never been out of fashion, are an attractive look with a style that makes women feel more confident, sexy and men love it.

High heels make a statement for women than any other article of clothing made in the same way.
So let's look at the appeal of high heels.

What makes high heels so sexy?

There are many reasons why shoes high heels are considered sexy and change the way a woman presents.
When making a woman look taller but also give the impression of a larger body thin, in many cases.

High heels make women look taller. If this adds to the sexy look is, of course, a matter of individual preference, but from the female point of view, especially if you are short makes them feel more confident.

High heels accentuate the appearance of calves as the angle changed between the foot and leg emphasizes this.

High heels are attractive as they push the breasts and buttocks are pushed backwards, causing the domain hips when walking, which is a very sexy for men.

The sole is visible in many cases make the look even sexier for many men and if the woman is using high-heeled boots the eyes are taken to the top of the leg and pelvic region.

So high heeled shoes or boots they look sexy and stylish confidence without a doubt, but of course there are downsides to wearing high heels and include the following:

There are a number of problems and discomforts that women wearing high heels are subjected. Some of these include:

• High heels can cause foot pain, especially in the instep. In particular

High heels Restrict user's movement in terms of speed

High heels can cause permanent damage to the feet and tendons if worn over a long period of time

High heels may be more dangerous and women are more likely to fall than if you wear shoes flats.

No, of course, have to wear high heels all the time, but the pros definitely out weigh the
disadvantages and in fact can be sexy stylish and comfortable.

Keep your murderer stilettos for special occasions.

At other times, if you want to use high-heeled shoes do the following

Choose heels with round, open toes and feet square, in the day, as they will be more comfortable than pointed toes.

A thick wedge or be more comfortable and easier to walk in which a needle or heel tip.

A thick-soled we also can wear heels higher and more comfortable again is a thin sole.

Add a template in the shoe for more comfort.
The use of high heels is feminine and can be stylish and there is no place for them in every woman's wardrobe.

High heels make you feel more confident and sexier and men adore them.

So girls – Submit some attitude, sex appeal and confidence in their heels, after all its part of what it means to be a woman involved.

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