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Champions on Ice tickets

Champions of information on ice tickets
Almost 1,000 years ago to northern Europe skating Ice was a method of transportation over the frozen passages and waterways. But since skates transformed from animal bones tied to shoes to boots iron sheet skating emerged as a competitive sport. world's first speed skating race was organized in 1763 held in England. Champions on Ice is actually a show Ice on tour in the U.S., produced by Tom Collins Enterprises. This show features a large cast of professional heating and Olympic-eligible figure skaters along with novelty acts such as skating acrobats. These shows focus primarily on solo performances by the skaters rather than group work or acting out stories.

Champions on Ice program was initially dubbed "Tour World Figure Skating Champions" in 1969. This show is only available best amateur skaters who performed under an agreement with the International Skating Union (ISU). But when the ISU liberalized its amateur status rules in 1990, Collins began to add professional skaters to the tour and active eligible competitors to add more flavor to the series. The tour adopted its current name of "Champions on Ice "in 1998, which is certainly an appropriate name for performers fascinating.

Over time ice skating mounted to the top of professionalism and now this sport is known as one of the finest sports and more fun today. These celebrities ice skating are among the top stars the world. And what elegance they show in their performances, spectacular simple excellent! I'll be giving a chance to meet some of these superstars impressive. The best in ice entertainment, are Champions on Ice figure skaters like Michelle Kwan famous, Timothy Goebel, Irina Slutskaya, and many more!

Shizuka Arakawa
Shizuka is the first Japanese woman to win Russia's gold medal figure skating in 2006. Shizuka Arakawa indisputably recorded his name in sports history. Until Arakawa time is the only skater in Japan who has received three consecutive junior national titles. She based her first triple jumps while still in elementary school. She is the third Japanese woman to be a World Champion after Midori Ito who won in 1989 and Yuka Sato in 1994. It also highlights the 13 where competed at the 1998 Olympics. Shizuka Arakawa insurance stamped its name in the history of sport. She is the first Japanese to win a figure skating title, relegating two-time world champion Slutskaya to third. Shizuka won the gold medal at the Winter Olympics Ladies Singles 2006 in Turin, Italy on February 23 2006 also in 2004 the World Figure Skating Championships. She is also the first Asian woman who won the Olympic gold medal in figure skating. Shizuka is the oldest woman seconds to win the Olympic figure skating gold. 5 feet 6 inches Shizuka one of the highest female skaters is recognized for its ability jump and turns, mainly difficult triple-triple combinations. In 2004, introduced a draft to his Biellmann catalog. Biellmann requires unparalleled flexibility of your back. Arakawa took about five months to learn this movement.

Kimmie Meissner
We begin with Kimmie Meissner, skating latest U.S. teenagers fascination that won a world title in his first trip to the World Skaing figure. Wow! What feeling do you have? Meissner, only 16, made America a glance skating gold in their future. Meissner went to Calgary after finishing sixth in the Winter Olympics in Turin only wish for a place in the medals podium. In contrast, won seven triple jumps, including two triple-triple combinations of standing right at the first step of the podium. She was so excited for your self, your true expression reflects his state of arousal at the time, "I was very, very, very, happy." "The crowd shouted, and I could not hear the rest of my music the last bit of it. I was so happy with myself that it was an awesome feeling. "Attracting more new Latina figure crowned world champion Kimmie Meissner skating, is in parallel with other legends star Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen, Johnny Weir, Tanith Belbin and Ben August, Irina Slutskaya and other international dishes in 2006 to which the use of idealizing.

Evgeni Plushenko
Evgeni Plushenko now the reigning Olympic champion, Evgeni is three times world champion, five times European Champion. Evgeni is 22 years old is one of the best ice skaters. Unfortunately, he was forced to withdraw from the Championship last season, which held in Moscow because of adductor muscle inflammation syndrome, a groin injury in the lower abdomen, equal to what the race is shortened Elvis Stojko and Alexei Urmanov. Although she was operated on both sides of the groin, after spending a few weeks in physical therapy. withdrawal of Championship 2005 Plushenko World resulted in his inclusion in the 2006 Grand Prix series. But definitely plans to return to competition later this year with the ambition to go critical Olympic gold in Turin, Italy. Their fans are having their fingers crossed for him.

Lucinda Ruh
Unfortunately Lucinda never skated at the Olympics Olympic and could not placed higher than 13th in the World Championships of figure skating ISU. However, the figure skater Lucinda Ruh has earned a name and a special place for her in the sport of ice skating. 2003 was the year marked by the performance of Lucinda when skating for the world record for the most revolutions on a return to make 115 rotations. This girl like a fairy skates on the rink, her performance adds to its elegant beauty overwhelming.

Michelle Kwan
Michelle Kwan perhaps the most decorated figure skater in U.S. history, winning five world titles, nine national titles, numerous international and world medals. She also has two Olympic medals, silver in 1998 and a bronze in 2002 in its credit. (A recent decision by the USFSA to give him another chance for an Olympic gold medal in Turin). Michelle won the prestigious James E. Sullivan gave the top amateur athlete in the nation in 2001. She hugs with pride the record of the most perfect marks (6.0) at 50, and the American record of 35 perfect marks in the U.S. nationals. Michelle, one of the skaters most consistent of our time, Kwan is also distinguished by musical expression, as well as an elegant swan-skating. Will go a long way to captivate audiences with his brilliant interpretation programs.

Marina & Gwendal Peizerat Anissina
Marina & Gwendal Peizerat Anissina a unique pair performance as well as in real life. This Russian-French alliance, began with a letter sent by two-time junior dance champion Anissina some potential partners as its previous partnership abruptly broken. Lucky Marina was time to get to Peizerat which was also newly available, said. Mutually this redhead Russian hot extravagantly awesome and fresh, elegant French with impeccable musical style of twisted more lyrical dance teams and innovative. They won a title worldwide in 2000 and two Olympic medals, a bronze in 1998 and gold in 2002. They are very famous for his novel and ingenious dance lifts, specifically a role reversal lift the duo popularized in which you lift.

Tatiana Totmianina Maxim Marinin
Current Olympic champions and twice world champions Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin have faced the odds when it comes to winning championships. After a terrible fall at Skate America 2004, where his head hit the ice on a sharp blow to an fall of an elevator, Tatiana's career seemed to be coming to an end. But despite severe bruises and a concussion, was able to return to the track to victory team's third consecutive national title, fourth European title and the second world title. Partner Maxim was a nervous, always careful in the dangerous throws and lifts comprising the technical difficulty routines partner.

Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto
Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto are the team of finest ice dancing United States has produced. Belbin was born in Kingston, Ontario, before moving to Detroit in 1999 competed as a pair skater in Canada in August to a team that is Chicago. It was not long ago when the pair won their first international competition was a Junior Grand Prix of Montreal. This success was before they took part in a championship U.S. national. Tanith and Benjamin won two junior world titles dance. The fantastic story of progress does not stop there. They bring home the gold medal U.S. Nationals This was his third championship and also won a place in the U.S. Olympic team.

Irina Slutskaya
Another name Irina Slutskaya skating on ice. High speed, intricate footwork, spins and jumps complex natural ability make her a rival alarming in any skating competition. Irina was the first Russian woman to win the European title in 1997 and is gaining continuously since then and won four times in total. She also was crowned the first Russian woman to win Olympic silver medal in Salt Lake City 2002. She also has two world titles to her resume. Irina invented the double Biellmann-spin with foot change and was be the first woman to land the combination triple Lutz-triple loop in competition at the Grand Prix Final 2000 in Lyon, France, this is the reason why it is Slutskaya considered one of the most powerful athletes in women's sports.

Surya Bonaly
Surya ciy land queen, in her whole career (13 years) with the Champions in the ice which will delight the audience with his trademark back flip landed on one foot followed by a triple Salchow. This impressive feat has made Surya alone. She was a and world champion gymnast and glass before beginning his career in skating twelve years in his native France. Surya unbeatable athleticism and flexibility was crucial to the accelrating technical part of the new elevation skating women. She wrote her undeniable career in the history of the sport by winning nine of France, five consecutive titles Europe and three World silver medals. Too often talented Surya crafts his own choreography, designed their costumes, and appears in skating shows around the world. Surya want to skate so that viewers enjoy their performances.

Irina Grigorian
Irina Grigorian brought a special dimension to ice skating in mixing with the art of the circus on ice. His experience includes juggling and spinning mass hula-hoops to an appreciative audience. Grigorian also designs costumes for competitive skating and performers of Las Vegas show. Irina was still an international competitor for over 13 years. Finally he gave his unique skating capades, where he traveled for many years. Besides touring with Champions on Ice, Irina is presented regularly in an ice show in Las Vegas, where he now lives.

Elaine Zayak
A wonderful star ice skating, she skates like a swan. Elaine began skating at age three years and is undoubtedly the best spinner in the world today. Elaine Zayak World Championship 1982 is no less than a miracle. He began skating on a doctor's recommendation after of losing part of his left foot in a lawnmower accident as a toddler. And now she is performing at the highest level of figure skating all doing more triple jumps than ever seen in the women's tournament. Some say: "Too many triples." Her performance led to high-level International Skating Union (ISU) to produce what has been called the "Zayak Rule." The rule limits the number of times each type of triple jump (Axel, Lutz, Salchow, toe loop, handle and lid) can be achieved in the long program of a figure skater.

Of the six triple jumps Zayak executed en route to his world title figure skating, four were toe loops. Today a high-level skater is still expected to perform many triple jumps in her long program, but she must demonstrate a greater degree of skill because not only is expected to depend only on your jump preferred. However Zayak higher performances of the field to a new intensity requiring newcomers to improve their jumping abilities. What a contrast to only less than a century ago, when female skaters were not allowed go to all that the behavior would be unladylike. Over time ice skating mounted to the top of professionalism and now this sport is known as one of the best and most entertaining sports of today. These celebrities ice skating are among the top stars in the world. What elegance demonstrate in their actions, simply spectacular excellent! I'll be giving a chance to meet some of these superstars awesome. The best in entertainment ice Champions on Ice are famous figure skaters like Michelle Kwan, Timothy Goebel, Irina Slutskaya, and many more!

The champions in figure skating extravaganza Ice is one of the most dazzling sporting events and beautiful, to seduce the public. Ice-skating not only provides fun for the spectators is much more than that. Public can experience the pure talent of the Olympic figure skating World Champion highest lights out exquisite costumes, music, lights and special effects. Kings and queens ice skating, as the gold medalist Michelle Kwan, bronze medalist Sasha Cohen, Irina Slutskaya Olympic medalists, Goebel Time Elvis Stojko, and many other ice strike in a show of force, experience and elegance. The legends did not come here during the night. It took several years of strenuous practice to achieve their specialties and experience. Complete the abundance of body and mind which is what it takes to be a spectacular view of the ice shelf.
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