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Toe Cut Out

Toe Cut Out
Doctor out there? Help with cut fingers. Happened on Sunday and its still bleeding?

Ok this is the story … A board fell on my foot Left over my second and third toes. I broke one of my nails brused toes and one of my toes were bleeding pritty bad … This was the Sunday, I had nothing at home so all I did was wash and put a bandage to cover the cuts. The next day I went to buy hydrogen peroxide. I have used it twice a day since Monday and its still complaining and still bleeding. Is there anyone out there with suggestions on what I can do? Do I have to go and see a doctor to help stop the bleeding? Someone please help. I really appricate. Thanks!

I would recommend seeing a doctor. It has been more than two days should remain bleeding unless you keep the reopening of the wound to walk on that foot. I do not know how deep it is, but may need stitches to help keep it closed so you can start to heal.

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