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Toe Criss Cross

Toe Criss Cross
Two questions Pointe?

I just got my first toe shoes on Friday and I'm sooooooo excited! I sewed on the elastic and ribbon, but when put my shoe on I felt very tight at the top of my foot when elastc is. Is pain normal? My style is elastic criss-cross. My second question is, in my foot, my toe is shorter than the second toe. What do I do?

You may want to start your sewing in the elastic and try again. This time in the first pin. Try on shoes and if the elastic is too tight / loose then adjust and pin until you feel good – then sew the elastic on. A really good place to sew pointe shoe information is: http://www.parkenet.org/jp/ttp10.htm Personally, I sew my elastic on the inside rather than outside as shown on the site, but apart from that the council has worked hard! For your toe, it depends on what your instructor permits. If you can add things to your pointe shoes, then buy a small eraser kneaded in an art / craft store. Cut a small amount (just enough to put your thumb in and put in shoe. Do not stack it b / c you really do not want to add weight, but this bit of accumulation should allow your toe to take some of the weight of your second toe. Be sure to put a very thin layer of cotton on the rubber molded or otherwise stick to your pads and be a bit of a mess.

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