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Toe Ankle Strap

Toe Ankle Strap

Parts of a Snowboard – Learn to Snowboard – Snowboard Lesson 1

By learning to snowboard, the first things you need to know are the different parts of your snowboard.

The most obvious is the board of the large flat bit at the bottom. There are two metal and plastic parts attached to your board. These known as fixations. The fixings are responsible for keeping the feet attached to the snowboard at all times.

Each snowboard binding comprises three main parts. The highbacks straps and ankle straps of the foot.

The Highbacks – These are the sizes of the union and they are right in the back.

The ankle straps – the two largest belt is placed around the ankle.

The toe straps – The two smaller bands to be placed above the toes.

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The next step will be to get attached to your snowboard.

First, undo all of the binding straps and make sure they are out of the way of the union where your feet are going to be. You also have to ensure that they are highbacks in its vertical position, as far back as they can go.

Now you have to place the heel of your foot in the open end of the cover and slide as far back as possible so that it rests against the high back. Once your foot is in the correct position, you must find the two largest belt (the ankle straps). One of the ankle straps have a bloc known as the ratchet, it will be responsible for fixing straps. The other strap only have grooves or teeth in it. You have to slide the strap under the tooth of the ratchet until it clicks. Once the latch clicked, then will be able to pull the top of the key to the cog belt and release it. By repeating this process, the straps tighter and tighter around his ankle.

It is important to ensure that snowboard straps and effortlessly up tight enough so your feet do not move in your snowboard bindings, but not so much that you cut circulation off her feet. Once your ankle strap is fixed, then you must repeat the process for the foot straps. It is important to remember that finger straps attachments will be posted at the top of the fingers.

Once this is done for both feet, is attached to your snowboard and ready to use.

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