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Tiny Buckles Shoes
Do I have OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)?

NO I have the main symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder (counting things, washing hands or do other routines obsessively, etc) However, I do sometimes suffer from anxiety important things without anyone noticing, but I realize. For example, a bag I bought was a small, tiny imperceptible (except for me, when I look at it closely) scratch on the brass buckle, and haunted me with him like crazy! Everyone told me I could barely see, but nevertheless let it bother me for weeks. It is only when I buy new things, whether clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. I find anything wrong with that, usually it is barely noticeable, like a tiny scratch that nobody is going to see, and I fixed it. It has to be perfect. By I usually end up making me miserable. Is this OCD? It is the only symptom would TOC-ish? Thanks for the replies. Serious replies only, please! I used Yahoo answers before, and some people may say in their answers. Just looking for answers.

That was a great psychology and what I remember, it sounds like you has OCD. Maybe a soft version soft, but so many people. I was diagnosed as an anal-retentive perfectionist. And yes it is a technical term. patients with OCD have such severe symptoms that usually can not even leave his own home, because everything has to be appropriate, or anxiety are put in a state of panic hyperventilative. Maybe you should see a professional if you have anxiety though. Anxiety manifests itself over time and eventually could end up with OCD. You do not want happen because when I go so far, is much more difficult to repair the damage.

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