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Tie Ankle Cuff

Tie Ankle Cuff
Survey: Is it considered cheating if …?

have an epidural before a ferret legging contest? Ferret legging is a sport in Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. It was first introduced to light by Donald Katz, in an article entitled "King of the Ferret Leggers" in the October 1987 issue Outside magazine, the sport is illegal in some countries (eg Britain). Sport is about putting two ferrets inside one of trousers, with his fists tightly tied to the ankles first, to prevent the escape ferrets. The competitor then cinches his belt tightly, and the clock is started. Competitors can not be drunk or stoned, or drugged in ferrets. In addition, competitors may not wear underwear under their pants, and teeth of ferrets can not be filed or otherwise dull. The competitors may touch the ferrets, but only from the outside of the pants. Source: Wikipedia

No, do not trap

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