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Thong Comfy Wedge

Thong Comfy Wedge
Why is 'very well' for girls to wear men's clothing, but "evil" for boys to wear girl's clothes?

The girls are allowed to wear men's shirts, jeans, underwear, shirts, etc and then, still primp and applying makeup while you enjoy wearing beautiful clothes male. I love grooming and makeup while wearing enough clothes girl – low rise jeans, blouse, wedge flip-flops, thongs satin lace-n, perfume. Sincerely, may seem very nice and emf as a child that looks like a girl and not the reverse. Why is frowned upon 'in? Are girls and women who are comfortable a guy who can and likes to be feminine and pretty? Yes, I like to be totally smooth, totally fem – pedicures are the best – and be out like a child.

I know that a lot of women get to dress as in substance, but men can not a drag queen is much more controversial than a drag king. I disagree; set a woman with a full suit or tuxedo, not a feminized version with slicked-back, nailed up, or short hair and no makeup, and most people react with shock. The difference is that women's clothing has moved much closer to the center, to be more unisex. What is the men's clothing? Pants? One day it was, now everyone uses them. T-shirts and jeans have become the norm for both sexes, although often the design differences (ie, hip-huggers, etc for women). However, the choices of men's clothes remains stubbornly at the edges, never moving to the center, the only time a man can wear a skirt is very whether it's a kilt and Scottish. So is not that girls can wear men's clothing and men can not wear "girl clothes, but the smaller wear clothes of today are not very masculine, but more unisex, while the women wear remains a bastion of secrecy, not theirs for men to access. Furthermore, there is, unfortunately, the factor of many gay people still can not separate the cross-dressing homosexual or gender expression steroetypical not even just. There is so much fear of male homosexuality that children are kept firmly in their gender roles, strong, tough, manly. Children who act like "fags" are accused of being gay, although it can be. Therefore, for a man like this "girly" things "to be soft, feminine, pleasant smelling, grooming, wear make-it seen as either an indication of his being gay, which makes some uncomfortable homophobic, or are seen as an indication of his play with gender roles, which makes a lot of closed minded people uncomfortable. A lot of factors, including the women's movement and women's fashion toward unisex, have allowed girls to be more masculine, without being accused of being gay or wanting to be men. It's unfair, but it is. Also mention that these girls' clothes men "still primp and wear makeup, which may be the reason they are more accepted, are playing dress-up princesses, in the eyes of all. A man wearing clothes, but it retains much of masculinity stereotypical (with the use of perfumes and makeup, acting and very feminine) is not seen as having the same objectives, you see. Personally, I love guys like that! Me wish there was more about, so that I could find myself one. I probably the butcher of the relationship, and it would be good to me! But honestly, do not worry, some girls like that, although a lot (sadly) to dismiss the action as gay. Courage, however. Salud!

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