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Tan Sandals Slides

Tan Sandals Slides
go to the party: what color should i wear sandals with my dress knee length emerald green?

clothing: emerald green, knee- heart shaped strapless, circular pile of clear, green, orange-ish "emerald" in the middle between the chest shoe options: 1) 3 " gold belt open toe / pump-ish Chinese Laundry sandals 2) 2 inch slides in tan / bronze feet open sandals with green, orange-ish, yellowish "Emeralds" in the center of gold are about $ 70, while the bronze is 30, but I'm worried about the belts since the dance, but the Money is also a problem, and I think the bronze match the dress better …

I think the bronze match much better. Emeralds and green colors suits dress. And it sounds like the price is right too! Good luck and have fun at prom!

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