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Tan Sandal Womens

A Maui Tanning Adventure

Great secret places you've probably never heard of browning and tips you need to know.

Love the sun? Looking for that perfect golden tan? Majestic and breathtaking coastal landscapes that Maui the best place to catch some sun in the planet. Maui offers a variety of host sites that are nothing less than a Sun lovers paradise. Each offers something different coast. Whether its a fun-loving presume the crowd craving action, or a sun worshiper you are looking for a more remote, your sure to find a place that suits your style.

Lahaina Side

If you are looking for action, easily accessible, brilliant white sandy beaches, and Sun Endless Lahaina coast is sure to float its ship. Lahaina literally translates as "land of relentless sun." Find a beach to sun your buns couldnt be easier. Drive along the coast until point a beach you like, stop and enjoy. If you are single, make sure to stroll and the beach at Maui airport, you can find the love of his life. Do not forget The premises of his sandal. Sand can be particularly hot during the summer!

Side Kehei

Coast Kehei offers the same as the sun and accessibility. Makena Beach is easy to find on the map. If you want to head an adventure beyond main beach (left at the end of the beach, and over the little hill), a land of fun in the sun waiting. This beach is not for everyone. If you want to pull your costume and playing some Frisbee or sunbathe the "whites" this clothing optional beach is a blast. Sundays are like a mini festival with live drumming and dancing. Dolphins are known to occasionally cruise.

Hana side

El Hana side of the island is known for its abundant rainfall and lush landscaping. Do not be fooled. There are still plenty of sunshine for everyone. On a personal oasis away from the crowds and attractions main check out Red Sands Beach. free spirits may rise in this small, quiet cove hidden around the edge of Hana Town. Only ask for directions at the Hasegawa General Store. Pick up some food along the unit in one of the many local galleries. The local organic fruits are strong with "Mana" the sacred force of the universe. Red sand beach is as beautiful as it is rich in Hawaiian history. The pools are fed by springs protected virgin, cold water. These brackish ponds were sacred to the Hawaiian people. Hawaiian women would travel to this hidden sanctuary to give birth in water. Clothing is optional on this beach. The hike to the Red Sands is not for everyone. It is strong and a little scary, but if you are good at their feet, an adventurer, is only a short walk with a sweet awaits final. Remember trailer that what brought you and although it may be tempting, leave the beautiful red sand where it is. It is considered taboo to take with you.

Secret Spot Tanning

The real treasure waiting just beyond Hana. Drive approximately one third of a mile past mile marker 39 on Highway Pi'ilani. It will be a white bridge with Alelele written on the side of it. Here you will find several paths to the inside to Alelele Falls. Technically, this area is also within Haleakala National Park, but most people spend their time in the overcrowded "Ohe'o Creek area and never visit this part of the park. Current Alelele is easy to find, and this is a 10 minute walk along the road (and the stream bed) to get to this waterfall. A fold in the makai side of the road that leads to a destination where you can park your car. You may have to skip a bit of rock and / or cross the stream, but keep in the direction the valley wall where the waterfall. This waterfall is very beautiful, and almost nobody knows you're here. As usual with many falls in Maui, the summer may not be fluid. If the weather has been particularly dry, you can probably guess, both for the falls and only what you want, you can skip this point. It is traditional to leave a pohaku (Hawaii offers ancestors did by wrapping a lava rock on a sheet of Ti). You see them on the way in which the falls.

Browning Tips

In their search for sun and endless fun in Maui, be sure to take care of the skin perfectly browned. Here are 5 basic tips all the locals know.

1) Even the darkest of skin can burn to limit their time in the sun. Only use a tanning accelerator as baby Maui Browning Lotion if you are a tanner expierence and know your limits.
2) Be careful when choosing a sunscreen, most brands either washed or clog your pores (causing Tourist feared the eruption). Choose a brand breathable waterproof.
3) Take a shadow / immersion in water break every 45 minutes or less. This gives your skin a chance to heal and lead to a healthier tan.
4) Always rinse the salt water as it dries the skin out, leading to wrinkles, tanned skin.
5) rehydration of the skin from sun exposure is really the key. A soft light coconut oil or aloe vera moisturizer after a good treatment tanning Maui will give you that much you have been dreaming.

When it comes to tanning, the island of Maui is the place to be. Once again, Maui No Ka Oi? "Maui is the best."

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