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Tan Platforms Shoes

Tan Platforms Shoes

Have you ever wanted to work in a film or television production?

Working on a film set often means "hurry up and wait. "You will be asked to wait for long periods of time between scenes. If you do not know what is expected of you during these waits, he accidentally may commit a serious error and asked to leave.

To keep it alive and well in the set, here are some of the addresses, background artists, are obliged to follow:

Bring original documents for the I-9 information to all. This includes the license driving and social security card or birth certificate or passport. You will receive no payment is asked to leave if you do not have these. Point Notice. If your documents can not be read, this will slow the process for you to receive your payment.

Be prepared to stay all day (12 hours). Once established in a vaccine, you should be there in case they are needed again. If you decide to leave, you will not be paid or rehired. Sometimes the production end quickly and that will let you go, but just let him give the OK.

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your actual call time. You use this time to complete paperwork and to get where they need to be.
  • Be very quiet on the set and waiting areas. Everyone needs to hear any instructions at all times. You will not want miss a signal.
  • Do not approach the actors and crew with questions, autographs, or photos.
  • Do not touch any equipment.
  • Leave your valuables at home. Do not leave valuables in your car. They are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Be patient and pay attention.
  • Put your cell phones on silent or vibrate, not the answer, while they are shooting.
  • If you make a commitment that should appear !!!!!!!!!!!!

Important Terms And Phrases

When in September, expect to hear the following:

1) Test – Practice shooting. Sometimes this is just the model or just the camera. It is often include background information. The AD (assistant director) department will be very clear as to who is participating in the trial so that everyone knows.

2) Image Is it up – this means which will be shooting the next time (film rolling.) Everyone that has been directed to work in the catch part.

3) Rolling – The camera and start recording sound. Please wait.

4) Background of Action – here is where all of the substantive law and do what they have been directed a.

5) The action – the cast (who speak) begins performance.

6) Cut – everybody stop acting and listening to instructions.

7) Reset or go again – Let's do the same shot again. Please return to starting point in the previous shot. Please do exactly the same as before making Unless you change it.

8) Check the Gate – the last step before setting up a new shot. Please wait.

9) "Moving On" or "New Deal" – a new injection is established. Please listen to the instructions this may be an appropriate link to use the restroom or get food and water.


Favor to bring at least one computer that meets the descriptions below but not to exceed 3 teams. If you do not have no time to then clothing of the appropriate type and color (described below) are also acceptable.

Do not shave the sideburns or cut his hair before THE END OF THE MEETING.

**** This may be obvious to many of you, but please use proper underwear if they are asked to change clothes.

Good colors Colors inappropriate

Hot Pink Light Blue

Lime Green Red

Bright White Peach

Orange Navy

Rosa Brown

Black Burgundy

Off-white/Ivory Gold

Pale yellow Green

Fluorescent Tan



As a non-descript as possible. Please Avoid ultra-modern, large, high-tech sneakers. If the shoes are not adequate time available, black shoes, in general, are very useful .. sandals and shoes platform are also useful.


Again, as a non-descript as possible. Grey, black beige pants and pastel colors are acceptable. Wide leg is acceptable for women, and some flare. No bell-bottoms. No shorts.


Shirts and blouses favorite colors are appropriate. large shirts are not appropriate.


Some scenes may be outside, bring proper clothing to keep warm when not using


Large logos NO (ie, Nike, Coca-Cola, Gap, Rocca, Enyce, etc)

NO acid washed denim

NO contrast patterns / Paintings

Super NO baggy clothes hip hop

No shorts

Please keep the dates and production information if you need it for monitoring of payment problems or his curriculum vitae.

Do not gossip or talk bad about the production, the talent of others, agencies etc., customers want positive professionals.

Remember that every production is ready to be different for different methods in everything they do. It also usually takes 2-3 weeks to receive payment, but sometimes it takes longer!

These tips are general and will greatly help, but remember that each customer will have several things that can expected to be strong and ready.

For further questions please contact us at www.crazeagency.com

About the Author

Troy Lee has worked in the talent business for over 25 years

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