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Tan Heels Slides

Tan Heels Slides

Mephisto – Sandals Best Walks in the World

Mephisto shoes are called the best walking shoes in the world. They are known for comfort, support, durability, and the cutting edge of construction and design. Unlike many of today's favored shoes, Mephisto walking shoes are handmade from natural materials. They have a wide selection of styles and colors for men and women, including the new collection for spring sandals Mephisto.

One of the best selling sandal Mephisto women is that of Helen. This is a slide sandal with a divider finger snug. Template With its cork, you will feel like you are walking in their bare feet. The Helen has a bill of 3 / 4 inches and comes in nine colors. Black and Red Patent, Black, dark brown, soft, waxy white, Tan Grain, Black Nubuck and Camel, and Leopard.

The Hannele is another favorite style of Mephisto sandals. It is the perfect shoe for girls who love sandals. The Hannele can be used very well at work, play, or home. This unique feature cork sandals Mephisto established and is anatomically built to reflect the operation of the foot. It protects the foot and allows it to spread from seed as you walk. The closure is robust, elegant and easy to use. The Hannele is available in Black Patent, Black and Light Beige Nubuck, Leopard and sizes starting from five to twelve.

Mephisto Mali is a lightweight moccasin casual, but the look is very elegant. The leather uppers are full grain beloved in 4 colors: Black, Chianti and Bone / Hazelnut Ceylan, Black Patent and smoking. Soft-Air Technology cushions and supports the foot, while only 100% natural rubber exterior absorbs shock. The Mali is available in sizes 5-11 with half sizes available.

In men online, the game is one of the biggest sellers of Mephisto walking shoes. It consists of hand dyed aniline leather is an extremely durable material. The gum rubber outer wires and flexible sole is anatomically built to the heel and arch support they want. The party is resole, available sizes 6-15 and comes in five stylish colors: Cream, Black, and grain Tan Nubuck birch, and white lamb.

Mephisto sandals also come in various styles for men. The shark is not only a great looking sandal, is also comfortable and durable. This sandal is another way of aniline-dyed leather and has an air bag shock absorbing sole. The shark is also resole which means you can enjoy using your favorite pair of sandals longer. They are made with earth friendly green to'go those who want '. The Shark comes in two beautiful colors: Dark Brown / Black Waxy and Chestnut Waxy / Tan Grain

It makes no difference that the style of Mephisto shoes you choose. Each one is hand first hand the natural quality materials, with emphasis on comfort, durability and maintain healthy feet. You can be sure you're buying the best walking shoes available.

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