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Sexy High Heel

April 14th, 2010 No comments

Sexy High Heel

Sexy High Heels – 5 Things why so many men are crazy about these

Have you ever been in this situation? When wearing sexy heels high for a mall or public place for example, all eyes on all the men went to you, or when you're with your boyfriend, he always cared about women wearing sexy high heels, and that bothers him. Whatever, the fact is most men like seeing women wearing them.
It's just a pair of shoes but you can change the entire appearance, image, even the personality of a woman. The following is a reason why those things can happen:
1. They make you look more high. They change the angle of the foot on the leg, which accentuates the appearance of calves, therefore causing his legs to see more.
2. Makes you look more slender. As directly to the first reason. High is identical to the thin, so do not make you look fat.
3. They ADD A TOUCH OF FEMINISM SUIT too. They are the sexiest and hottest way to give the finishing touch to a woman's dress. Although just wear jeans and shirts, but it will look completely different with the addition of them.
4. Alter the GATT. They emphasize the way you walk, which basically means that your walk becomes far sexier because indeed heel height forces your hips to swing a little more on each side as you move. It also means that add a sexy wiggle to your walk
5. They make you feel and LOOK sexy off course. Change their body posture, your calf muscles more pronounced, and the strength of the butts and chest out. It's almost as if high heels force you into a better position … and good posture is always sexy.
No matter how sexy is your dress will not work without them.
So sexy high heels will make very different.
And for men, this is a perfect gift for his wife.

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