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Leather Mary Janes

January 12th, 2010 No comments

Leather Mary Janes
Professional Attire Question?

I am a professional woman of 40 years of age living in the southern U.S. (Very hot in the summer). I usually wear trousers cream or black or gray work pants. We have to use flat feet, high heels closed for security reasons, so often wear black leather loafers or brown or mary jane style shoes. My problem is that I find beautiful, stylish tops that are neither for or grandmothers lean adolescents. I can not wear sleeveless tops. Any suggesting a store where I can buy cute summer tops with short sleeves that would be an adequate job of 40 years of age? Links to specific articles would be great. I do not want to spend more than $ 30 or $ 40 maximum for a superior. I am under size 14 (not plus size). I must add that I HATE shopping, so I'm not to go to a discount store (Ross or TJ Maxx) where you have to dig through tons of garbage to find a decent theme. I am willing to buy online.

1] deal with the "twin – have many lightweight fabrics 2]" I "built – with the favorite colors – when you find a good, bought in various colors three] wrap top 4] with a fitted [top tunic No wrist] kimono or style trapeze] 5 or sources lace texture T – Chadwicks – online Coldwater Creek – Lands End Online – JCPenney Online – Online Macys