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Red Platforms Shoes

March 10th, 2010 No comments

Red Platforms Shoes
What I can decorate my room with him?

First I have a medium-sized painting of The Wizard of Oz. I want to hang but my problem is that I have bright red high heels I want to put on the wall next to them. Both platforms need two shoes to put a shoe on each side of the painting. I can not nail anything in the wall so that I can use it to keep my shoes without ruining the wall?

right? have to be creative and find a way to attach the platforms to the sides the frame.Yoiu could use some very stiff wire attached to the back / the whole frame. This extends to each side and folded into a shape to hold the shoes.Ether as a platform or wire could be inserted into small holes to be drilled in the back of the sole and heel. Using the cable that could form what is completely hidden behind the shoe, the shoe just floating there. Yes, I like that idea a lot.