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Clogs Shoes Womens

April 7th, 2010 No comments

Clogs Shoes Womens
Is it acceptable for men to wear women's shoes in public?

I am a heterosexual man who happens to love wearing the shoes of women. my girlfriend is very accepting and has shared with me his shoes. I carried low wedge sandals and patent-flops in public (I have not worn high heels yet) … Now the question is whether it is good for us men to wear women 'shoes (heels, sandals, clogs, boots, etc) in public? Does it matter the public?

Personally, I think it's OK, but then there are plenty of narrow minded people out there! The question is, does it matter what type of people who matter think? If your Girfriend is well with him, more power to you! Hello, ten years ago he was gay to wear a pink shirt. Let's see how is accepted it is.