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Wellies Wellingtons Boots

April 14th, 2010 No comments

Wellies Wellingtons Boots
Squelchy heels on the new Hunter wellies?

My number of new blue rubber boots 6 Hunter have small holes between the heel and sole. They let the water in the heels, but not so now, in his boots. The heels then walks slowly muffler until it dries. The manufacturer says that this is normal and intentional, but I do not think (having had multiple partners in the past). I worry how long. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a new hydraulic design?

I will stop and ask my dad, he works in the factory that makes them. brb Ok, I just asked my dad and he says he is the new design and are intended to be there, but if they start leaking (which really should'nt) only take them back to the store buy them from or contact with Gates (manufacturers of rubber boots Hunter) directly on 01 387 242 000 and ask to be released for shoe department. BWCAT … Are your rubber boots still splashing noises, doors did you phone?