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Suede Crocs Flip

Suede Crocs Flip

Crocs Flip Flips

Some classic designs deserve a second chance at everything. Puma Archive collection attempts to do just that. It's a celebration, in a way, of the most distinctive, memorable Puma sneakers designed, used and loved in the past forty years. Most of these veterans are trusted linked to an equally impressive athletic talent (Like the GV Special, which was used by Guillermo Vilas in the 70's and early 80's). Check out below to get a glimpse of what is available. After all, nothing beats a classic!

PUMA Women's Roma Perf Sneaker. Gypsies Archive comes Perf Sneaker PUMA – Puma sneakers collection of vintage. This particular version of the Puma sneaker comes from 1968. But just because The Roma Perf is an explosion of the past does not mean that it fails to provide first-class orthopedic support. In fact, the simplicity of the design is perfect for someone who is looking for a quality shoe that weighs light foot down with extra goodies, gadgets and high tech features. The high quality sports shoes leather more legitimate (good for transpiration) and with overlapping toes. His tongue is padded to avoid irritation, and the shoe has built in brackets the arc. This shoe is perfect for someone who wants a comfortable and supportive shoe that will take into account an active lifestyle.

PUMA Easy Rider III. The Easy Rider is a footwear it was originally released in 1978. At that time, the shoe revolutionized the standards in the management of shoe technology. It is made with a polyurethane midsole and to sports and nylon upper. The semi-outsole provides excellent traction cleated. The Easy Rider III may look funky on the outside, but inside is designed to be comfortable.

PUMA GV Special. Used by the Argentine tennis sensation, Guillermo Vilas, between 1974 and 1982, the Special Rapporteur GV by Puma becomes available. GV Special offers a classic vintage look. With a thick sole and distinctive overlap, the courts will take you back in time to make it to fashion. The top is made of a combination of leather and plastics, and rubber outsole provides excellent traction.

PUMA Roma Scooter. The shoe of Rome was first introduced in 1968 and has now been updated so you can get the best of both worlds: the modern technology of footwear keep your feet happy and chic vintage style. In particular, be careful with the light reflector "on the back of the heel of Rome Scooter. Uppers are made of high quality leather and suede materials available in black, brown and royal red.

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