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Studs Lace Platform

Studs Lace Platform

The Alternative Fashion Week 2010, presented by alternative art 19 hasta April 23, 2010

Back from Alternative Fashion Fair market Spitalfields, London. This is where young designers to showcase their new collections and hope to be discovered. Here the crowd was an eclectic mix fashion and office workers out on their lunch break, played music courtesy of "Good Corsette stuck, stick models were not thin, the market stalls around were full of clothes and accessories to buy and were not a lot of places to eat. In short, a great place to hang out.

Here is a summary of the designers showing on Tuesday 20:

Hackney Community College Art Department – "Telling Tales".

Perhaps it is something that really could take, and definitely not something you could sit as the materials used were of rigid plastic and paper. There was an abundance swirls of color prints, photographs, handprints and letters. Designs include a skirt made of individual forms stiff petal dress semitransparent with crinoline hem, and my favorite – a blue image and photo gray print skirt exaggerated curves on the hips to the sides, but flat in front and back, along with a stiff upper molded to follow the curves of the model. The boys were there too, a rib cage in a red vest with a very high (Over his head) standing collar decorated with handprints and red letters down her bare arms. Unfortunately, not stand still long enough for me to read the message.

4.2morrow – "Ballet front Armour

The main color was black. Lots of black leather – leather steering wheel layered mini skirt, leather mini Layered petal skirt, and pleated leather panels jersey pants and dresses. Skirts and tops are joined to see black with mesh lids. A semi transparent skirt dress brought ivory contrast to the playlist black.

Charlie Salas – "Laundry Day"

Using recycled vintage clothing, designs included in a brightly colored patchwork strapless dress with a denim belt thin and uneven hem (A Cinderella dress would have been proud to wear) and a delicate green and black floral strapless knee length style playsuit Bloomer. It was laundry day in the countryside on a lovely summer day.

Stacey Richards – "Acedia"

Acedia – described as "the oldest and earliest sense of laziness, one of the seven deadly sins." The clothes are designed to appear unfinished, disjointed and fragmented in order to reflect the laziness. silk, cotton and leather and colors were used jewelry, black, red and white.Handmade metal mask covering his face as the muzzles of some models to represent a restriction mask to silence the patient walking in his madness. "Better not too close to "I muttered to myself. In a model of the set seemed futuristic black helmet hair and short white dress wrapped with black horizontal strips transparent fabric. Another look was a fugitive from the asylum with an uneven hem that comes from wrong button on his lapel and a thin leather strap wrapped around the few clinically white dress.

Cool Tan Arts – "Twisted Tartan."

The first designs were stone-colored dresses cut with uneven hems used as a canvas to display the colorful silk batik cloth worn over the shoulder in the Scottish style and in some cases more Caribbean style cross on the forehead and around his neck. These batik designs were made with the implementation of silk and wax. Then the models of all shapes, sizes and age appeared in a series of bold color combinations of orange, lime, purple and red to brighten the home sober.

Prilly Lewis of Prillywear

Prilly fabrics and felts using sheep's wool with a touch of swing knee angora.The thin end, reached the point of ivory and yellow-green, decorated green wool with a large felt necklace trinket. Coats A panels were lined with contrasting colors of brown and burgundy, lilac or burgundy light and give a classic look and portable. Again in contrast accessorised with large felt wool bauble necklaces. Can you see Michelle Obama happily took one of these layers.

Kimberley Startup-"Now let Kimi, Grow Up"

"Once upon a time Kimi sat down and tried to confront adult life, but only saw the work, debt and death. So she said: "When I grow up I want to be a kid again." Her collection was themed children's classic toys small. A dress of red and yellow striped big way as a sponge ball, a mint green shirt decorated with the colors keyboard of a xylophone, a dress made cell padding colored rings, and an orange asymmetrical top with a runaway train over his shoulder. wooden blocks and large bracelets made head bands, and all were with candy-colored accessories high heel platform shoes, worn with a double layer of contrasting color socks. It was fun to recognize the toys.

Tanya Smith-"The Natural Look."

Inspired by a trip to Kew Gardens Tanya was captivated by the beautiful shapes and colors of plants and beiges and creams flowers.Thinking for the natural look, I was pleasantly surprised to see bright purple, dark green and coral as the color palette and the search for the mixture of these colors working so well. Main blocks of color, a delicate floral pattern was used for lining and pocket flaps. Do not know if the broken zipper that shows the design of flowers under it was intentional, but not a good look. Large exposed zippers on clothing appears high short coat and shoulders. I loved the long skirt and thin dark green with high funnel neck top coral.

Damian Dorota

A fusion of tradition with Eastern Europe organically sculptural forms inspired floral embroidery was patterns.Colour black and white palette, with an emphasis on texture and embellishments. Texture came in the form of leaflets, and clusters of soft drapery folds. Ornaments in the form of metal beams and stones. One favorite was the asymmetrical ruffled white blouse with long sleeves and billowing folds. Over the knee and knee high socks with strappy sandals nails were used.

Hayley Trezise of Raggedy – "Compare Reads"

fashion show Broken stitch work ethic and asymmetric scribbly transformed sculptural forms of charity clothing stores to create a front for all quirky couture occasions.Hayley 'S fairy tale reminded me of a disjointed combination of Cinderella and her ugly sisters – to mix the exuberance of the messy (just be swept away by the coverage backwards) bouffant hairstyles, eye makeup colors stained felt hats and small upward angle with pieces of rags Cinderella. Colors were green ground, brown, compared to whites, reds and oranges rustic. The skirts were gently folded bud forms (loved the invisible pockets in the folds), a mosaic with similar colors or irregular layers of different textures. Tweed jackets and short-sleeved jackets with irregular lines were grown to add more texture to the clothing. This collection rags could be displayed even elegant.

Georgia Nash – "The nut was too hard to crack

Inspired by the Nutcracker and each character based on appearance. Attention to detail was key here, from the toy soldier attached to the back of high heels to the scattering of pearls in the black coat of accounts and bodices. Zips lined the tip of the layers of high-flyers giving a sharp drive to a short jacket of cream. The long coat flying layers combined different fabrics, motifs and colors to create a spectacular piece. Fabrics used were of lace, velvet, silk and satin, black balls were ornaments, zippers and pearls the colors were black, turquoise, red and white. Under the model wearing a full black body adorned with pearls and ribbons which added to the drama. For some reason, the models stay long on the runway to be seen together. A pity, because this collection was worth a second look.

West Thames College – "Galactic summer vacation" – Resort wear for a summer break galaxy.

Metallic silver, gray and white were the colors of clothing Summer in a galactic holiday. slinky catsuit with long hanging sleeves, stiff A-line mini dress with metal edges and a funnel padded sleeveless dress mini neck gave a futuristic look more retro.

At the end of the show had already decided in my favorites, but the question on everyone's mind was that designers favorite is the fashion industry?

Karen Grace – Personal Shopper and Image Consultant from frumpy to funky. Call for consultation on 07 787 800 390. More details via the website: http://www.frumpytofunky.com

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