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Fall 2009 Fashion Trends

Fall 2009 Fashion Trends

This season there are more a hundred trends in fashion runways. This fall you will see a return to classic tailoring for all occasions adapting not only the office and boardrooms. Remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? Boyfriend jackets, suiting and a return to class with 80 silhouettes inspired dress is back. As always I have taught, if they were about the trend for the first time is not for you the second time. That said, just do not have 80 feet to head. Choose one or two trends with classic parts to keep it age appropriate. You will see a lot of skins and hides, and cooler weather calls for layering cozy. To bring all sides to a concise list of usable street wear, I organized the trends in two categories: 40's lady inspired rock star! There is sure to be something for everyone, regardless of age.

  1. White is very chic in the fall and winter when combined with other shades of white and light taupe beige, or cream. Metallic accessories chic with an elegant silver, gold or gunmetal. If a piece must have for fall / winter, buy a sleeveless vest, menswear inspired. Wear overtop t-shirts, tops, blouses with ruffles, buttons up collared shirts or long sleeve sweaters. Left open or buttoned. Try bands to accentuate the waist of a female silhouette with curves. Tres chic!

Ladylike inspired 40 years

During these all that tough economic times is more basic, less politely. Style and Glamour is achieved by adjusting the shape and the coordination of her dress in costumes dress. This trend is a departure from casual clothing and returning to a more sophisticated glamor, female. His cabinet will be built in neutral tones like black, navy, charcoal plant, brown or burgundy to give the maximum mixing 'n match possibilities. This is a new era of elegance. This trend is that women who are tired of being always dressed casually and want to look and feel more put together, classy and elegant without taking into account your height or size. How will this coordination of separates to get ready in the morning and is a task and requires much time? Take the guesswork with The Perfect Wardrobe Builder © which provides a formula test all 30 teams to build strategic 11 pieces of clothing. $ 20, www.lookingyourbestinc.com . A new clothing is not just what you buy, but how it looks what you already own. Consider hiring an image consultant to get to his locker to remix and rematch of what new clothes you already own. Looking Your Best Inc. specializes in creating exquisite suits your own closet. Call 780.451.0661 for more information.

Here is a quick checklist to follow this trend:

  • long and lean silhouette
  • draw attention at the waist with details such as pockets or waist belt styles
  • belt use tops, jackets to call attention to the waist for a feminine hourglass shape
  • Using pencil skirts
  • and slim pants
  • female flowers to use as inspiration in handbags, brooches on the hats or collars bracelets and scarves
  • using beautiful blouses, try to fly, lace, great stuff on the sleeves
  • hose to wear with your skirts, black fishnet stockings to treat a glamorous edge
  • a cardigan is should take the fall clothing, Michelle Obama. Use a half overtop belt width
  • mixed fabrics: shiny with matte, jeans with a coat of accounts, a skirt with a sleeveless shirt and vest
  • tight short coats are the shield of choice
  • several strands of beads, pearls mixed with edgier metals and gold links
  • a return to the fireplace inspired necklines 80
  • day dresses can be a convenient option for pants, jersey or knitwear choose
  • evening gowns and heels adorable handbag
  • consider a muted purple for women



  1. During these difficult times, the hardest gets tough. Her clothing looks more sharper anchored by a dark palette of black on black. 80 strong shoulder lines give a hard part that reflects that we are charging hard but our shoulders can handle it. No, do not carry the original of the 80 dresses. The modern form is not like football uniforms! You might try a bare shoulder in the peaks and dresses have a strong emphasis on the shoulders. Revealing the shoulders may be an attractive alternative to splitting. A bare shoulder is not appropriate office attire. For rockstar remove this trend, consider the following:
  • Think of the rock 'n roll: leather, studs, heavier eyeliner, eye smoked, high heels
  • all leather gloves this fall, jackets, boots, skirts and uniforms. Do not use the big hair and lots of eyeliner eye if you are over 25! Instead use an element of this rock star inspiration to keep their age appropriate look. Use classical pieces with his leather jacket. Add a bit more line with a deeper lip color. For more fall makeup trends, email info@lookingyourbestinc.com For a free copy.
  • Leather exotic skins like python, crocodile and alligator handbags, belts, bracelets
  • standard black on black kill shiny fabrics, from opaque to simple. Use them unexpectedly together
  • boyfriend jackets that hit lower on the hips with room to move, look for jackets with some form not only large long boxy jackets 80s. Use them as a cardigan: over a camisole, top, dress or blouse. Team them funds as thin as a pencil skirt or slim pants and stunning heels leather
  • brightness and brightness during the day and night, mixing with the skin, hives and skin for a modern look
  • Huge thick rings remain popular
  • Use opaque tights dark colors like chocolate brown, anthracite or drop deep as teal or burgundy wine. Avoid neon stockings.
  • Black matte sequined fabrics
  • Hairstyles sharper, smooth and clean defined parts
  • large attachments
  • spring scarves are fashionable tables of the season to keep your neck warm while away from home
  • Hats, fedora, newsboy and page. Use slightly inclined to show its best face
  • ankle boots, and if your legs are thin, wear with skirts, dresses or pants ankle. This is a simple way for a while the trend is the appropriate age.
  • Not overdo this trend, looking like you are part of a bike or go to the bar. Keep it sleek and modern with the introduction of leather with the classics, using one or two trends with classic pieces

Avoid these trends

  • Avoid Double denim, the thin and young people are using the head to toe denim. If you insist on carrying on denim jeans, cowboy make a different color, a dark and lighter.
  • Avoid acid wash denim unless you are under 25
  • Avoid high-fashion puffy coats. Is it really flattering on you? Maybe if you live in an urban center and wear size 4 or smaller
  • Avoid mini dresses or skirts if they are over 25. If you are one of the lucky few ladies more mature, nice legs, is still too much leg to show. Calm down using the leggings and ankle boots.
  • Avoid thigh high boots.

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Shirley Borrelli is a passionate educator who brings nearly 20 years experience in training, writing and consulting to her image and personal branding company, Looking Your Best.

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