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Studded Flat Heel

Studded Flat Heel

Tall and handsome

If you are lucky enough to have those few extra inches then you are lucky that most of the styles for you. This does not mean that there are things you should avoid, but in general there are plenty of great ways in which you can allow your clothes to embrace his height.

The first step is choosing the clothes. Long dresses will always create a better impression of length, since there will be a continuous flow from the shoulders to the floor area. The waist can be played for the blouse are worn over pants and skirts and tight belts should be avoided. Must use wide belts and avoid tight clothing and skirts are too short or too long. The bands should be used to provide the dividing line between the upper and lower areas. narrow belts will make your torso look longer.

That long thin effect can be obtained by sticking to a color on the whole. When wearing a dress, patterns should be avoided as much as possible. When wore a top and pants, both garments should be the same color worn leash or belt the same color (the introduction of different colors to break the long and the belt will act as a dividing line).

You must pay attention to detail. Choose thin vertical stripes, visible seams detailing how, and well tailored to darts and sharp creases, again to create length.

To select accessories long scarves or necklaces heavy depending on the occasion. Hats always emphasize the height, as well as high-swept ponytail for those of you with longer hair. Avoid small stud earrings who are out of proportion and make you look bigger.

You have more scope in terms of colors you should use to truncate its height. Choose mixtures dark and light colors, when the combination of tops and bottoms, and accept the guidelines and details that run across the width of the top. Monochrome focus must be avoided.

The shoes play an important role in the creation of a height (not applicable). In selecting shoes, choose your heels on the floor depending on the occasion or mules. Look for shoes that have details on the flat part of the shoe on the front compared with the heel.

Tall women can be as a model. You need not feel strange at its height. Moreover, dressing up common sense, can take full advantage of their height and be as attractive as a woman of medium height.

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