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Studded Bow High

Studded Bow High
Dance tips for my look please:)?

Im going to use a simple long black dress, black high heels and big black bow tie in my hair. I have short dark hair, and hair accessory is a veil. I'll put a bow tie on its side, so the veil cover only one eye. I will use a pearl necklace and ear studs simple pearls, and Im going to carry a bag made of strings of pearls. ————-> What im not sure my makeup, im going to Smokey eyes make very dark, would be too weird with the rest of my look? and there is generally nothing too strange in my eyes? I mean, a huge bow tie in my hair, network and a veil, would those be too weird? please advice. thank you very much. help is greatly appreciated. <3

If you are going for a Gothic look that seems to be fine. If this is not your goal, then his look is all wrong. You are using all black and then have an "out there" accessory to go along with it. You are definitely going against the rules of the dance, I'm not sure if this is what we are going to give too. http://ezinearticles.com/?Look-Stunning-In-A-Black-Designer-Prom-Dress&id=834369

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