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Strappy Thong Flat
How I can keep my cross-dressing secret?

I am a 17 year old who likes to cross-dress, is a secret I want to keep my family but I want to be able to do more in private. I know where I can get all the clothes I wear alike; shoes like heels and flats and boots in UK man 11 sizes, leggings / jegins, thongs and pants, bras, skirts, girls jeans, tight tops, shirts, shirts and jackets, wigs:). I want these things to look nice and sexy without being girley. and how I can hide my parents. also some tips on make up

Its hard. If you are comfortable and clothing stores buing girl, that's fine, but someone you know or someone you know that you can see. If we can send them to you when your parents are gone, that's good, but probably will have to get next day delivery to ensure they enter the correct day. You can shop on ebay too, but delivery is the problem there. You can get away with leggings or tights running when training. But it may be better to wait until you move to get into it more. Good luck.

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