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Finding suitable bridal shoes for your wedding day

The shoes you wear on your wedding day will not only affect the general appearance – But their level of comfort and – so choose wedding shoes carefully.

Here are four steps to find the right wedding shoes.

1) Choose the shoe fabric

While most bridal shoes are made of fabric (usually white satin or silk can be dyed to match their dresses), there is no rule that says that brides have to wear cloth shoes. You can also use the hide as long as it fits with the look of her dress.

2) Choose your color

white wedding shoes are the most common, as brides traditionally wear shoes to match his clothes, which are usually white in color. Some brides, however, choose to be a little more original with their shoes, choosing a metal curtain that matches with an accessory or embellishment. Some brides even kicking blue gift as her "something blue."

Do not obsess about finding an exact match with the color of your dress. Again, you should seek to complement, not perfectly match your outfit. The combination of slightly different shades of white or neutral is not only perfectly acceptable – which also makes it a rich look more convincing.

3) Get Comfortable Shoes

Walking down the aisle the four-inch stiletto heels may look adorable. But five hours later and 10 dances, cute can be transformed into a sharp pain with every step. Prevent blisters a little chicken soup for the sole:

  • Desist "Something New" – Do not let your soles, to be his "Something again. "If you're not used to wearing 3 inch heels, or have never dared bare toes in strappy sandals, your wedding day is not the best scenario to test these styles.
  • Go Designer – If comfort is important to you, consider investing in a high-end brand. Although you will need to pay for high quality fabric and fine craftsmanship, you will enjoy a better a better fit and comfort.
  • Add Pads – pads of shoes can help prevent slippage and friction to be able to dance all night. In fact – here's a little secret – shoe pads can actually do your feet look better by preventing toes hanging over the edge of the shoe. You can find a collection of shoes made especially for pillows wedding shoes and heels in my glass slipper.
  • Break Em 'In – A few weeks before the wedding, wearing your target = "_blank" title = "wedding shoes" shoes Wedding> within an hour or two at a time. This break in the fabric, and helps you get used to using them.
  • Go Goody Two Shoes "If you find a shoe that pleases the eye, but kills your feet, bring two pairs of shoes. Use the heels of the murderer for the ceremony and pictures, and change in the pair comfortable for dancing and mixing.

4) Choice of style bridal shoes

Seek to complement these four aspects, and decline will be a perfect footwear:

  • The Season – The traditional rules of fashion dictates closed toe shoes are appropriate for the winter months. However, this rule has been relaxed a bit, especially in warmer warm.
  • The formality of your wedding day – a closed toe pump provides more classic and formal look; ornaments also added make a more formal shoe. Moreover, low shoes, ballet slippers and the jewel-studded sandals add even more casual event.
  • Her dress – wedding shoes can be decorated with a series of ornaments, such as crystal, rhinestone, ribbons, lace and embroidery, so choose the ornamentation that complemented by those of his clothing and other accessories. Also consider the hem, a hem trimmed calls for a simpler style of footwear, while the saddle shoes can wear a simple hem.
  • Your Site – If your ceremony or reception takes place on a lawn, beach, or other soft surface, avoiding high heels needle, as they tend to sink into the soft dirt and sand. Instead look for a wide or flat heel.

Style Other tips for bridal shoes

  • Avoid any socks with open toed shoes – as the line through toe should not show.
  • Remember that high heels your legs look more toned (keeping legs bent), and also ensure better posture.
  • Make sure you have found the shoes before your first test as you will need to try them with the dress so it can be adjusted to length

This comprehensive guide to target = "_blank" title = "Wedding Accessories" Wedding Accessories> has more tips up bridal shoes, veils, gloves and helmets.

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