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Strappy Stiletto Sandals

Strappy Stiletto Sandals
Sunday afternoon's Eve … I can wear a black cocktail dress?

I know usually a cotillion is a formal event but the ticket says its semi formal and cocktail hour is from 4-5 pm on Sunday and the event starting at 17:00 so it is convenient to use a black cocktail dress I was going to my partner with print stilettos strip black and silver sandals with matching clutch. Originally, before I realized the "semi" before the official word was taking an evening gown mermaid style wedding (actually one of her bridesmaids dress two years ago LOL) but I thought semi formal means I can use a cocktail dress … But my mother does not agree and told me that black and silver is too hard for a Sunday afternoon (I do not get either LOL), so you think my black dress cocktail well considering that my husband has a black suit?

A cotillion! I wish we had cotillions of barbarism, not wearing California! Your mom has a point, however. It's summer, and sets the evening sun. If it was late at night, then black or full body would be fine. The black is beautiful and probably very good, but if you have another dress for the occasion dear to her favorite color, may be better to do that. You could wear white, which is still as elegant and stunning chic very, and still can wear your silver accessories with it. You shine and stand out from all the other girls! Just a thought, however. Follow your instincts.

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