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Strappy Platform Heel

Strappy Platform Heel

Dress for the Season Party – shoes and all

Summer has come and gone and now the holiday season is our address. The Road to Christmas is long but it is paved with liberal balls and bashes that require clothing to be worn spectacular complete with wonderful jewelry and other accessories, not to mention the heels murderer.

Shoulder pads are back with pleasure and with that look in the upper thigh is dresses and skirts below the waist. Although it can be fashion dresses party still can be as varied as desired. Therefore, if you are feeling flush supplies two or three totally different styles.

Going to an event where anything goes and then you find the perfect option in the street where everything is offered. Strapless tops, or fitted with long sleeves duration of the choice of clothes is overwhelming. Not only are different styles in abundance, but available in a wide selection of colors and lengths.

For the formal occasion and evening dresses along mid-length are available in black popular forever. For the more daring one multi-color, length maxi dress going back to the summer that never was, or a ruffled red dress long night definitely distinguish him from the crowd.

Although short dresses and skirts can be fashionable for daily use for those seeking something more traditional long-term, one-shoulder evening was dressed in classic black or elegant lace off the shoulder purple satin ball gown would remain conveniently elegant.

Now that summer is over it's time to get rid of the bare leg look and re-use mesh or leggings. This fall, the 80 effect is also making its impact in the media as black tights and points matters are fashionable lace develop and widely available. But, as always, black opaque go with just about any team, including short party dresses.

When it comes to shoes, strappy sandal classic look is timeless, but this year's boots shoes heels threatening to push towards a traditional side. Gladiator style open-heeled shoes cause of death in metallic colors are bound to be very popular this season the game, and certainly not look out of place favorite with many black antics, especially maxi length.

In addition, those attending the party will be pulling on the heel shoes animals, as zebra platform sandals or shoes leopard court. Of course, high heels are timeless and are available in everything from the traditional black retro white, but if you want to dance you may want to opt for something not so high!

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