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Strappy Criss Cross
What kind of hairstyle goes better with a dress baby doll?

I'm going to a wedding next week, and I'm wearing a silk ivory baby-doll dress with metallic gold lining and gold heels strips. I have long curly hair medium brown. I want to make a formal up-so that I can show the back of the dress – which runs along the back. What kind of hairstyle you recommend? I want something too young – I'm only 20. If you could give me links to photos hair, I would greatly appreciate it!

Tease (puff, blow fingersto) itinthe front, and the use of a two-inch barrel curling iron to about 1 to sections 2 inch and pin curl sortof, and what Gavea lot of curls, and a puff and then gently loosen inthe useyour curlsso that arent hard! Goodluck, I hope that helps! http://girlsboard.info/wp-content/uploads/2006/12/curly-long-hair-3.jpg like this haircut in this picture, but with the pouf in the front! We hope that youlike!

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